The Guide to Non-Binary Inclusion

The Guide to Non-Binary Inclusion in Running is a resource created by Jake Fedorowski (they/them) for race organizers who are looking to create more inclusive events, particularly for non-binary participants. Fedorowski states, “The ultimate goal is an industry that doesn’t classify, or measure success, based on gender identity, but instead affirms all identities and encourages participants to reach their greatest potential. I firmly believe creating a space for non-binary participants is the next step toward that goal.”

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At RunSignup, we proudly support the inclusion of non-binary participants. Since early 2022, when we made the registration option available across our platform, we have seen a continued commitment to this movement by our community of races. There are literally thousands of races who support non-binary participants that can be found on our Find a Race calendar.

We understand that creating a non-binary registration option is just the beginning. It’s now up to race organizers to use resources, like The Guide to Non-Binary Inclusion in Running, to create positive and affirming experiences for all participants.

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