USAT Outage – April 28

We received the following notification from USA Triathlon. This will obviously cause some issues and we are considering our options for during the outage and also trying to understand the implications for triathletes and race directors after the new membership system is installed.

We are considering disabling all USAT registrations during their down time as well as the re-testing we will need to do once their system is in place to make sure it is still enabled.

We would appreciate your feedback to us as well as USAT. Their contact information is at the bottom of their statement:

Starting 4/28/2015 at 5am Mountain Time USA Triathlon will have a scheduled outage of all of our member facing systems, including the Real Time Account Validation system.  During the outage a new membership system will be installed.  This outage could last as long as 24 hours, however, we hope that it will be less than 12 hours.

The membership system has new features that may impact your RTAV integration.  The following are new features you need to be aware of:

1.      Membership numbers can now be alphanumeric.   Athletes may buy a custom member number, similar to a custom license plate, which would be used as their membership number.  Example: ILive4Tri.  Each membership number (or custom member number) will be no more than 10 characters in length.  Your membership validation check may need to be updated to accommodate for the format change. 

2.      Members will now log into the USA Triathlon membership system with their member number or custom member number, instead of email address.  This will allow families to have a single email address for the entire family.  The RTAV call to renew a membership may need to be updated to remove email address from the query string.

Attached are details for the RTAV API changes.  Please review these changes and prepare accordingly for this change.  We have a test system available for your use.  See the endpoints listed in the documentation.  You will use the same testing credentials you use today for this new test site.  There are a few test memberships in the document.  If you need additional test accounts, let us know.

When the new system comes back up, you will use the same RTAV endpoints you use for production today.  They will be updated with the changes listed in the API document during the outage.

Please let me know that you received this message and if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in making this change.

Lauri Maloney, PMP

IT Manager

p. 719.955.2677 | f. 719.597.2121

5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite 200 

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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