Lots of Little Things II (actually 54)

We are always pushing out new software (over 1,500 times last year!). It may seem like we write a lot of blog posts, but we could do a whole bunch more. We wrote earlier about how we do lots of little things, and we just went thru another batch this week.

In addition to the major releases of Custom Source Tracking for RaceInsightsStrava Club IntegrationNew Team Buttons, and the New Race Wizard, we made 54 other updates just this week:

  • New Renewal Reminder emails and formatting
  • Allow Question to be Hidden in Legacy Check In
  • Pull data only for specific event_ids instead of summing all data (causing double counts of transactions) in RaceInsights
  • IOS has a bug which causes locked fields on widgets and this prevents it
  • Initialize referrals module in MailChimp integration
  • Include referral links in the data we export to MailChimp
  • Remove cabin from scss, remove lucida, also remove text-shadow. It is a relic from previous styles of the past, and looks bad in most place it still exists
  • Optimize underwriting page.
  • Fix KYC check fetch.
  • Legal entity relationship in underwriting.
  • Remove _listNav.scss where not needed.
  • Fix pie charts for multiple item option report pages
  • Store shipping/billing report updates
  • Fix custom content upload buttons when not in race-context
  • Add default fundraiser message if exists
  • Admin notes display
  • Update RaceJoy payment options
  • Auto-classify giveaway options in new wizard, trying to match based on various names (M, Medium, Med to the standard options)
  • Work on removing old Sanchez fonts
  • KYC on other payment account owners
  • Add Race Dashboard link on Wizard
  • Hide hidden registration fields and API in wizard to simplify
  • Added common questions to Payment page on wizard
  • Updated Google Tag Manager and related security updates
  • Hide selector arrows in datepicker (reduces confusion for people claiming they are scrolling through 799 months…)
  • Autofocus login/create account inputs on initial load
  • Add `$eventuallyConsistent` to note functions
  • Standardize photo configs to point to my local environment
  • Volunteer task display order
  • Security improvement on participant management
  • Dashboard access check
  • S3 file storage improvements
  • Fix refund payment ID column
  • Improve default billing descriptor on credit cards
  • Mailchimp integration performance improvements to cache
  • Internal RaceJoy report updates.
  • Edit group wording update
  • Result notifications set up column.
  • Group giveaway counts.
  • Credit card Billing descriptor on confirmation E-mail
  • Fix blank E-mail TO headers
  • Refund report updates
  • Invoiced created date column
  • Remove redirect loop checks
  • Push right sidebar down for corporate teams page
  • Add user agent library
  • Check for Android on registration date of birth field, switch to date picker if so
  • Correct calendar registration opens display
  • Block certain bots
  • Update copyright infringement check.
  • Error log fixes.
  • Remove old function.
  • Update admin E-mail.
  • Credit card Billing descriptor on admin pages.

This does NOT include the work we are doing on RaceJoy and RaceDay Scoring. RaceJoy introduced a new User Interface that makes it so much easier for new users to get up to speed quickly. And Race Day Scoring is busy with a new Beta release scheduled for next week that will make it very easy for us to help customers by having them ship their entire race configuration to us for support.

100% of the above code changes were checked by someone other than the original author to comply with PCI requirements and logged in our change management and approval and release tracking system (which allowed Bob to come up with this list pretty easily).

Oh, and we’ve initiated development on some kick ass new development projects for Multi-Event registration, referral rewards with add-ons, and Shopify integration. And wait until you see the new stuff on CRM in the coming weeks

Note also, that building technology is hard. It takes attention to detail and hundreds of small things adding up to make a system work like magic for races and participants. And we love it!

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