Multi-Race Bundles: Set Minimum & Maximum Races

We have made an enhancement to our Multi-Race Bundle options.

You can now set the minimum and the maximum number of races that a multi-race registrant can choose during the registration process. For instance, you can set-up a multi-race bundle and include 10 races. Then, you can configure the settings to force registrants to choose a minimum of 3 races and a maximum of 8.

When the multi-race bundle is created or updated, you will enter the minimum and maximum race numbers into these fields:

During the registration process, bundle registrants will now see the minimum number of races they MUST select and the maximum number they CAN select:

**Please keep in mind, that if you are using these settings, you will likely want to make sure you are using the Discount on Event Pricing option instead of setting up Multi-Race Bundle Registration Periods as the number of races that registrants select will vary.

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