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We have integrated the power of RaceInsights with the power of the RunSignup purpose-built CRM with source tracking. This gives races the ability to understand the source of a registration on a per person basis, as well as market to specific channels with the powerful CRM List capability.

RaceInsights has given races the ability to track the source of registrations and donations on a source basis for over two years now.

We are now storing that source with the registration information in the database in real time. So if someone came from Facebook, you will know that. This will also work with email and custom referral source tracking – so you can set up your own special codes for each marketing campaign.

The source website tracking is available now in the CRM. This is useful for list building – for example, create a list of all participants from this year who signed up via Facebook and then do a custom audience ad on Facebook next year.

Create your filter with the new Analytics tab and just enter a URL of a website source:

And you get your custom list!

Now that you have a list, you will be able to take Actions on it – like a Promotion, email, export to a spreadsheet or to MailChimp, etc. And the power of the CRM filter allows you to do additional targeting based on Loyalty, Location, Demographics and more.

This information is also kept in the individual CRM View. In the screenshot below, this person registered from an email:

This is another example of the power of the all in one platform RunSignup and GiveSignup provides to races and nonprofits.

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