Shipping Feature Enhancements

We have released three enhancements to our shipping feature.

  • Collect Shipping Information for certain ADD-ON OPTIONS only:
    • You can now choose to ask for Shipping Address for specific add-ons options
    • You can enable this feature under Race>>Registration>>Shipping
    • In the example below, the shipping address will only be asked if someone chooses to have their bib mailed to them.
  • Allow Non-US Shipping Addresses: 
    • Once the Shipping Address feature is enabled – you will see an option to allow addresses outside of the US.
    • With this option, the non-US addresses won’t be validated as the USPS API doesn’t validate address format for international addresses. However, it is a great feature if you want to allow shipping to international registrants.
  • Participant Management for Shipping Address
    • There is now a participant management option for Shipping Address. 
    • You can enable these settings under Participants>>Participant Management>>Shipping Address Management
    • You can set this on a per-event basis and also set a cut-off date
    • This will add a tab in the registrant’s MANAGE REGISTRATION page – allowing them to make changes until the cut-off date that you set

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