Welcome, Kristian!

Join us in welcoming Kristian Decker, the newest addition to the development organization taking on a technical leadership role in DevOps. Regular followers of our blog have seen all of the great engineering talent that has joined the company this year. Kristian’s role in DevOps will enable our team to reach their maximize efficiency while he helps to streamline production operations, non production infrastructure, and the further automation of our development lifecycle.

Kristian arrives with a cool Australian accent and a unique background to match. He was born and raised in Melbourne and attended James Cook University in Townsville, just a short boat ride from the Great Barrier Reef. He studied geology and began his career at a gold mining operation in Queensland and Western Australia. In 2016 he orchestrated a career shift to IT along with a relocation to the US where his wife Shannon’s family was located. He served as an Application Engineer at Crane Payment Innovations in Malvern and quickly moved into a role tasked with moving customer facing applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS). That successful project led to a promotion to Cloud Services Manager with an increased focus on the design, security, PCI compliance, and availability of the platform and products. Kristian’s experience with payment processing systems, PCI grade security, and AWS were a great match for our company’s needs.

Kristian now lives west of Philadelphia with his family of 3 young children who are keeping him and his wife quite busy. Like many of the company’s employees, Kristian enjoys exercise participating in obstacle course events (Tough Mudder & Spartan Race) as well as high intensity Crossfit training. Recently he has discovered rucking (long waks with a heavy pack) which allowed him to crack the code of time balancing- getting out in nature, spending time with family, and getting a workout in all at the same time. That’s the way to do it mate!

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