Finish Eliza’s Run: Community Responds

We have a great many events that use RunSignup for important causes throughout the nation. When we saw a virtual free event, Finish Eliza’s Run, to respond in a unified indignation to the death of a fellow runner, Eliza “Liza” Fletcher, we thought we share to help build awareness.

At the time of this writing there are close to 36,000 people signed up for the virtual event and counting. Finish Eliza’s Run is a flexible event where people can complete any distance they want through any method (run, walk, cycle, skate, etc) starting Friday morning (Sept. 9) through Sunday Sept. 11.

About Finish Eliza’s Run

Friday morning at 4:20 AM, Eliza Fletcher was abducted during her morning run around the University of Memphis campus and later murdered. Eliza, a 34-year-old mother-of-two, was a junior kindergarten teacher at St Mary’s Episcopal School. This virtual run is a way to honor and grieve the loss of Eliza Fletcher. This run is not sanctioned by the family and is not a fundraiser, nor are any donations being accepted. This is a completely free event.

All runners are welcome. If you can not run or are not a runner but would still like to participate, you are more than welcome to walk, cycle, roller skate, swim, etc. You can submit your distance and time on the event’s site, and tag your run on social media using #finishelizasrun. You can also join the run without registering – this is just an option to provide the community with a larger platform to officially connect through. 

Runners are encouraged to wear a pink top and purple shorts in solidarity with Eliza and what she was wearing on her run.

The run is organized by Jen Scott who is a fellow runner who wanted to create a virtual run to “do something” to help us come together, honor Eliza, and mourn. RunSignup’s founder, Bob Bickel, reached out to Jen to see if she had a personal connection with Eliza. She shared the following:

“I do not have a connection. I am a mom of three and been running for 20 years, though. I’ve been harassed on runs and what happened to her is one of my biggest fears, and so it just really hit close to home.

I had been thinking about her all weekend and then on Monday when we got the news they had found her body, I felt devastated and heartbroken for her family. I felt like I wanted to do something, so I had the idea of organizing a virtual run.

I opted for the original virtual event then because I thought there could be others out there feeling the same way I do and wanting to honor Eliza but maybe having limitations on when they could run or where. And I knew it was totally possible to run for her without registering for anything at all, but I also know having an official place to feel like you are part of a collective group joined in the same purpose might help people feel like their support has more of an impact. 

I really appreciate your platform because it made it easy to create a event that people from everywhere could “come together” and mourn Eliza and honor her, doing the same activity she loved.”

Thank you Jen for taking the initiative to create an experience where people can come together and honor the life of Eliza Fletcher. Those who would like to join the community in supporting Eliza can register for the free event here.

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