RaceDay Scoring v3.3.25 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Auto-Save Timer Info Fields now will pull from RunSignup Timer Account Info.

The Questions Contact Email, Results Timer Name, Results Timer URL, and Questions Contact URL will now be prefilled with the data that you have set up on your Timer Dashboard under Settings > Timer Info. You can change these values as you like if you want something different for a particular race.

Added a Number of Segments Completed Field to Reports.

This will show a count of how many segments each participant has completed so far.

Added a Race Progress Field to Reports.

This will show whether a Participant is a finisher or still in progress as a field in your report.

Added Last Completed Segment Field to Reports.

This will show the name of the last completed segment for each finisher as a column in reports. This could be nice information to add for long events like Ultramarathons where you want to see the last checkpoint each athlete was seen at, without having to scroll over to see all the split data.

Added “Age Place Only” and “Age Group Desc.” Fields to Reports.

These can be used if you ever need to break out the placement fields from the label fields for the existing “Age Place” field. This will include Top Finisher Categories as well as Age Groups.

Added a pop up message when trying to renew the scoring file for a Race at RunSignup that has not yet renewed it’s registration page yet.

In order to renew a scoring file, you first must renew the registration page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue causing Paces reported in Minutes per KM to not show properly at RunSignup.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash when setting up invalid band jumping rules.
  • Corrected a database upgrade bug that affected users who had upgraded from a version before 3.1.32 to any version after 3.2.2, without installing any version in between.

The gap between versions would have been between November 11th 2021 through March 24th 2022, and could cause app crashes periodically when looking at Raw/Scored Reads. After installing this update, recalculating Raw Reads will fix any of these app crashes.

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