Repeat Participants on RunSignup

We have built a lot of features to make RunSignup easy to use for people who sign up more than once on our platform. We make our forms easy to fill out. We are very mobile friendly. People enter just their zipcode and the system auto-populates their city and state. We save a participant’s information like name, address, etc. But also things like their shirt size and their emergency contact info so they do not have to repeat this. And we give the option to save their credit card. And we have plans to add ease of checkout options like ApplePay and GooglePay soon.

These are all things that help make races that use RunSignup even more attractive to participants. But the question is, how many people use these features and participate in more than one race? Well here are some interesting stats we collected.

16% of Participants Save Their Credit Cards

In March we had 76,735 people save their credit cards and 54,250 used their credit cards to sign up. If you figure that it saves 30 seconds not having to find a credit card and entering it, that is over 450 hours saved in a single month!

1,150 Races for the Top Participant

Yes, that is right. There is a person in Albany, NY who has signed up for 1,150 events on RunSignup in the past 13 years. He first signed up for a the Rochester River Chase run in June, 2013. We are sending him a RunSignup water bottle and shirt 🙂

And there are 2 people who have run over 500 races, and over 250 who have participated in at least 260 events.

498,530 People Have Run at Least 10 Races

Again, since we started in 2010, nearly a half million people have signed up for at least 10 events on our platform.

2022 Repeat Participants

Number of EventsNumber of Participants

2022 Top Participant Hit 194

And to conclude our little stat parade, one person signed up for 194 events in 2022. Second place was 119, with 5 people over 100.

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