RaceDay Scoring for Cross Country Events

Timer Tip Tuesday Training

This recorded session provides an introduction and overview on how to use RaceDay Scoring’s cross country scoring functionality. It is a great resource for timers currently using RaceDay Scoring and wish to prepare for timing their cross country events. This 30 minute webinar covers everything from definitions and settings related to cross country to team scoring to generating reports for cross country events.

Some of RaceDay Scoring’s features covered include flexible team and team type relationships, displacement calculations, automated event switching based on finish time, and automatic result posting to RunSignup’s platform. The process of setting up aggregate team scoring for cross-country events is also provided, including the definitions and settings related to team scoring in cross-country such as team types, team classifications, and team scoring rules. In addition, the difference between relay and aggregate scoring types is explained (aggregate scoring is used in cross-country events).

Timers are also provided with guidance on how to build custom reports using the RaceDay Scoring’s report builder feature which includes default reports for cross-country events and the ability to customize and add additional report sections to suit your needs.

If you would like personalized training on RaceDay Scoring, you can set up one-on-one time here.

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