Race Discounts for Club Members

We are really excited about this new capability that helps bring races and running clubs together!  A simple way for a race director to give discounts to running club members!  This can be used in lots of ways:

  • Races attract more running club members
  • Races encourage runners to join a running club
  • Running Clubs attract more members when putting on races.
Clubs Discount Setup

Races simply chose the discount level (any combination of % and $ off) over a period of time, and which clubs they want to invite.  You can chose your own club if you are a club putting on a race, chose a specific club, any club within a certain radius of a zipcode or all clubs using RunSignUp.

When runners signup for the race, RunSignUp checks if they are set to be a member on the date of the race and will automatically apply the discount to the rae fee for that participant on checkout.  We do a check based on the account as well as name and date of birth matching.  If someone is not a club member or needs to renew their membership, we provide a convenient link to the club page and when they complete that they will be eligible for the discount.

Running clubs can set an option to suggest to join the club to get the discount.  This helps encourage new members to join!

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