Group and Team Pricing

With the release of RunSignup Teams 2.0, we have added a number of powerful options for pricing and packaging to help your race:

  • Encourage more participants to sign up together at one time.
  • Allow people to sign up separately and still be seen as a group or team.
  • Encourage the size of teams and groups to grow via social sharing.
  • Lots of options to handle races like Triathlon Relay Teams – one up front payment or split the payments.

There are 4 main types of pricing capability:

  • Multi-Person SignUp Pricing
  • Participant Pricing for Group/Team Types
  • Group/Team Setup Fees
  • Pre-Pay for Groups and Teams
Multi-Person SignUp Pricing

Multi-Person SignUp Pricing
This is the old “Group Pricing” that we have had for several years. The purpose is to encourage more people to sign up together as part of one registration transaction. This is perfect to encourage families to sign up for example.

There are a number of options, including date ranges, number of people registering together, which event(s) and the type of fee or discount:

Group/Team Pricing

Participant Pricing for Team Type
In the new Group/Team setup there are three options for pricing – this is the first. It offers powerful options for setting a price for teams who sign up separately. This is more typical of social teams where you want people registering for a race and sharing with their friends and encouraging them to join the race and their team or group. As you can see on the right, this example drops the price for teams of 5 or more to $20.00 and for teams of 10 or more to $15.00 for this race.

You can set pricing for multiple team and group types. For example you might want to set higher prices for a Competitive Team race and lower prices for Social Groups in non-competitive categories of your race.

We will be releasing an enhanced feature in Q1 2014 for giving a refund to the first people who signed up for the team – for example the first 5 people in the example above who paid the regular $27.00 race fee – they will each receive a refund for a $7.00 on their credit cards so there is no “last person joining” advantage.

Up front Group Fee

Group Setup Fee
This feature allows you to set an up front fee for starting a team or group. This can be paired with other options like special group pricing to meet any unique race pricing need.

The most common use case for this is a Triathlon with a Relay category that limits their race to 150 Relay Teams. The race director wants to make sure that each team is complete and pays the full price for all three participants up front. So the race director would set a fee of say $250.00 and each participant would just sign up without any additional cost.

Another example is when there is a need to make sure there is enough commitment to fielding a team. An example might be a $200 fee up front for a 12 person, 200 mile relay and each person will also pay an additional $75.

Pre Paid Group/Team Package

Pre-Pay Group/Team
This is for the benevolent types who want to pay for a certain number of participants to join their group or team. One example might be a corporate competitive team where the company wants to pay for everyone’s entry fee.

Race Directors can choose between this option or Corporate Teams to provide an easy way for Sponsors to get X number of free entry spots. In the example above, the race has chosen to give Gold Sponsors to their race who donate $1,000 to receive 15 free entries to the race.

Taken together with all of the features of Groups/Teams and Corporate Teams, it is clear why our customers say we have the best team capabilities for races.

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