Giving Thanks for Results and Notifications

Thanksgiving has become a big day for races.

Just as we are seeing an increase in Thanksgiving Day Races, we believe runner demand for notifications is increasing.  Turkey day was also a big day for us to gauge how our new Results 3.0 system is working for customers.  A few quick facts:

  • Total RunSignUp Registration for Thanksgiving Day: 184 Races, 121,000 Registered Runners
  • Total Results posted to RunSignUp: 55,390
  • Total Races utilizing Notifications: 23
  • Total Notifications Sent: 31,000+

If you have a Race that is using notifications, you can view a Notification report like this one to compare SMS and email notification opt-ins.

Also interesting to see from our Thanksgiving day surge: 

  • During peak hour, we were experiencing about 300 requests per minute, over half of which were from Mobile devices.
  • The average page load time remained consistent throughout the peak times.notifications2

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