Twitter Ad Conversion Tracking

You can now track Twitter ad conversions like we have had for Google, Facebook and other ad conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows you to match clicks from Twitter to actual sales that happen.

Twitter Ads can be interesting as a low cost way of getting visibility for your race.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.42.30 PM

To turn on conversion tracking, go to your Twitter ad management dashboard and click on the conversion tracking area to get the correct information. The screen shot on the right shows you the dialog that pops up. Then take the tracking id (it is in the 4th line of the screen shot to the right – “l5jw2” for this particular ad account. This is for your overall Twitter account and can be applied to any race you want to advertise with.

Now go into the RunSignup Dashboard and enter that tracking ID on the Promotion -> Conversion -> Twitter as show below:

Twitter Conversion Tracking

Once that is installed, any registrations that happen will send the checkout data to twitter so you will know how many people actually paid as a result of your ads.

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