US Ski Association Membership Validation

As more and more ski races use RunSignup, we have partnered with the US Ski Association to offer membership validation.

Setup is simple just like the USA Triathlon and USATF membership checks:

US Ski Association Setup

During registration, the participant will be asked for their membership number. We provide some guidance if there is not a format match as shown below (this reduces typos where a number is missed or the initial letter is left off):

USSA Validation

We do not reject invalid membership numbers based on feedback from ski race directors. Instead as long as the number has a valid format, we accept it, and then show race directors a report to matches and mis-matches:

USSA Report
Race Name

Remember that you can also change the generic term “Race” to whatever you want – like “Ski Race” under Race -> Miscellaneous Settings as shown on the right. We have also added “Ski” as a race type in the Wizard when you are setting up your events.

Ski Event Option

Finally, we have added the URL to redirect to our main site.

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