Fundraiser Refunds

You can now set a registration fee for Fundraisers, but automatically refund part or all of it once they meet a certain goal. For example you may have a registration fee of $100, but do an automatic refund of $100 once the fundraiser collects over $500.

The setup for this is done on a per event basis under the Fundraiser setup:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.52.20 PM.png

The “Ensure Registration Balance ≥” option on the right looks at the registrations creditable amount, which is the total paid for that registration minus any refunds.  However, that is the total amount paid for that registration, including giveaway costs, add-ons, etc.  Therefore, it is possible to refund add-on purchases on accident.  For example, if a registrant purchases $15 in add-ons, but the “Ensure Registration Balance ≥” field is set to $10, it’s possible that $5 worth of add-ons are refunded.

Note the option to apply for a refund is only available while registration is open.

Note also the processing fee is NOT refunded.

Note also when you turn this feature on, it will automatically turn on the Refund Reserve if it is not already on.

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