Shipping Address Validation

An increasing number of races are shipping items to their participants before the race (or after!). Some races charge a shipping charge, and some bundle it into their pricing. However, if items are returned, that can create frustration for the participant and a lot of overhead for race directors. If you have ever bought something on Amazon (who hasn’t), you will notice they validate your address if it is new. This is done by checking with the US Postal Service database in real time.

This is now available, and can be configured under Race > Registration > Shipping:

It is configurable by race add-on, store item, and events:

There is a difference between validation and suggestions. This is handled by USPS.

Validation will not let anyone continue with an address that is not accepted by USPS.

For instance, there is no 12345 Mill Street:

Enabled suggested addresses will take the inputted, validated address, and offer one that is preferable to companies like USPS, however the user can choose to keep the original address:

Reporting is allowed in the participant report once the hidden Shipping Address field is enabled:

The address shows in the store order reports (CSV and Individual Order), and shows in the participant report (if the column is enabled, and is shown):

May all your packages arrive on time!

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