Quick Link for Legacy Check-In

We have made it simpler to give volunteers access to the legacy version of the check-in app (not the dedicated mobile phone-based check-in app). Previously, you had to grant them access to the race or sign them all into your own account. We now have a specific, secure URL that each race can create and share with their check-in crews. This URL expires after 1 week of clicking on it per device.

To set it up, go to the Legacy Check-in (exit kiosk mode), and click on Delegate Access:

unnamed (1).png

Click on Generate Link:

unnamed (2).png
unnamed (3).png

Note how the link will expire in 1 week on a per-device basis. So if you try it out on your browsers 5 weeks before the race, it will expire in 1 weeks – 4 weeks before your race. This is for security purposes, but still supporting the typical use case of packet pickup the week before a race. The expiration shows in the upper left.

unnamed (4).png

Note we have begun development of a next-generation version of the dedicated check-in app that runs natively on iPhone and Android and expect the new version to roll out this summer.

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