Upsell Your Races with Multi-Race Bundles

RunSignup’s Multi-Race Bundle solution lets you offer participants specially priced bundles of races that are featured across your race websites and easily managed from your Race Dashboard. One of the most effective ways to use Multi-Race Bundles to optimize registrations and transactions across your races is the classic upsell: “If you sign up for the July 4th 5K, you can also register for the Turkey Trot and receive a $15 discount on both races.”

Bob is the race director for the Moorestown Turkey Trot and he also helps put on the Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K. He uses Multi-Race Bundles to offer participants the option to register for both races at the same time at a 10% discounted rate.

When a participant signs up for the bundle, they are registered for the included races with no additional work for the race director: participant and financial data is automatically mapped to all races.



What are the benefits for races?

  • Cross promote your races. The Moorestown Turkey Trot markets to Scott Coffee participants who may not normally run the Turkey Trot, and vice versa.
  • Capture more consumer surplus. Discounted bundles can increase transaction dollars because they promote registration for more than one race to participants who would normally only sign up for one race.
  • Robust financial management. Financials are easily managed from the Race Dashboard. Transaction dollars go to the race where the bundle is purchased. Reports track how much races owe each other race in the bundle.
  • Automated participant management. Participants are automatically added to both races and participant records show the transaction dollars allocated to that race.
  • Full participant management features. Transfers and refunds all work.
  • Lower processing fees. Processing fees are calculated on the total cart checkout. This makes participants happy if they pay the fees, or saves your race money if you absorb the fees.

There are also participant benefits.

  • Discounted registrations fees.
  • Lower processing fees.
  • Quick registration. An easy registration process for multiple races at once saves time. Consolidated giveaways and custom questions ensure that participants only have to fill out one set of responses that are automatically mapped to each race in the bundle.

We’ll continue to add more use case studies featuring different ways races use Multi-Race Bundles. You can read more about how to set up Multi-Race Bundles for your race here.

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