The Art of Software

That snippet of code is part of the thousands of other lines of code that are part of our Race Insights that generates your dashboard statistics:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 10.21.44 AM

At RunSignup, we consider software an art form. The brilliant developers creating the software that manages the lifecycle of thousands of races are artists, and in fact our entire organization is built on the concept of creating great art.

Some people see software as a commodity. It is not. Like a beautiful piece of art, software is entirely unique. It takes years of practice and unique skills to create something as complex as RunSignup.


The art form we have created is more than just talented software developers. It is engrained in our culture and operations. Our focus on and love for the endurance communities and non-profits we serve give us the depth of understanding and empathy for creating this art. Just as VanGogh would not have been able to create so many beautiful paintings of Arles without living there, our company is living in the endurance and non-profit community.

Our job is to absorb the lessons we learn from many races and fundraising events, consolidate that input, and then create something others have not been able to see or do before.

As an example, we will be releasing RaceDay Scoring in December. It is the culmination of thousands of hours spent creating the software by a team that is uniquely talented. Between Roger, Matt A and James, they have spent over 45 years working as timers or with timers. Blended with their experience and talents is Stephen, perhaps the most talented software developer in this industry, who has run hundreds of races. And fresh, new talent like Michael and Ben who bring a fresh perspective. We combine that with the input we get from hundreds of timers who work with our customer facing staff and provide feedback to experienced veterans like Bryan, Eric, Matt S, Natalie, Kevin, Val and the rest of the team.

The outcome is a beautiful new software product that creates a whole new generation of scoring software for timers and races. Totally unique. And truly a work of art.

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