Q2 2019 RunSignup Results

We do a quarterly update on how things are going with RunSignup (2016Q1/17Q2/17, Q3/17, 2017Q1/18Q2/18Q3/18, 2018, and Q1/19). The good news is that more races, timing companies, and nonprofits continue to recommend us. And we keep putting out great technology our customers seem to like!

Our annual RunSignup Symposium is less than a week away. We are happy that so many customers and partners want to come – we are sold out again this year. This will be our largest Symposium ever with over 250 people attending. We will be marking our 10th year in business with the biggest announcement we have ever made. Stay tuned as we ready to launch our strategy for the next 10 years!

RunSignup Numbers
Our numbers were great for Q2, hitting over 10,000 races using us within a single quarter for the first time and 18% growth of races over this quarter last year, 21% growth in # of registrations and 25% growth in total transaction dollars. The growth is coming from more of all size races as well as major race series, race management companies and timers moving to the market leading RunSignup platform. We are grateful that our growth continues even in the somewhat declining market of endurance events.

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Gross Profit is actually the most important since it is how we pay our people and Amazon costs and for the year we are up. Gross profit was up about 20% compared from Q2 of last year due to the above increases in races and registrations and donations.

RunSignup for Nonprofits

We made major announcements this quarter extending our offerings in the Nonprofit sector. We have an early adopter program for nonprofits who want to use our new Nonprofit Ticket solution, Donation Websites, and Nonprofit Dashboard.

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RunSignup People

In Q2 we added three people to our development team – Jonathan FarrellJack Mustacato and Benny Chen. Planning for future growth as well as trying to help students we have 7 interns joining us this summer!

Our goal is to keep investing in our technology and customer support to make sure we continue to earn your trust and stay ahead of our growth.

RunSignup Technology

Of course the primary thing that our customers use each day is our technology. You can see the graphic representation of what is happening on the RunSignup website by looking at our realtime map and seeing the activity! Here are some highlights of Q2 releases.

RunSignup for Nonprofits – This is the major set of releases in Q2. Although they are only available thru our early Early Adopter Program, we expect to make them generally available next week at Symposium.

Free Websites – We now offer all of the features that any race or nonprofit needs, for free. We have been working hard on this mission for several years, realizing that most races and nonprofits have problems with managing the content on their websites, integrating all the real data that their customers want, making it look good, perform well, be secure, have SEO optimization, and be mobile ready.  They wind up paying too much and it takes too much time. With the introduction of free website hosting of your domains, and the new Cover Page capabilities, you now have full control of your brand, your data, your content and your public face – for free.

What’s Coming in Q3?

A big launch of our Nonprofit platform! Stay tuned!


Thanks again to all of our customers who continue to support us with great ideas, feedback and support.

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