Happy Turkey Day 2019!

We’re so thankful for all the race directors, timers, and nonprofits who used our technology this Thanksgiving for the biggest running day of the year. A simple Google search gives you pages and pages of Turkey Trots in cities and towns throughout the country – all proclaiming record breaking attendance.

We have a few record breaking numbers for the day, too. 2019 saw 488 races on RunSignup on Thanksgiving day, serving 538,000+ runners, up from 408 races and 423,000+ runners in 2018. This is almost 50% of the 1.17 Million Turkey Trot participants reported by RunningUSA.

Races with Registration253340408488

Check-In & Results

# of Races using Check-in App364082111
# of people checked in57,00066,926109,816181,564

Turkey Trots aren’t often the most competitive races of the year, but runners still want to share their experiences and connect with more family and friends after the run is over. Races with 403,295 participants (48.5% were from RunSignup registrations) were scored with RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director yesterday. Roger took his first support call at 5:08AM and finished his last at 10PM…

Races using Notifications567385103
Result Notifications sent74,000112,937115,118189,350

Website Traffic was huge this year. Growing to 1,339,544 page views, up from 970,000 page views last year. We did add a couple of NGINX servers during the morning to ensure response time continued to be great. We had moved some of our security software to the NGINX layer rather than the web server layer, so the web servers were “just jogging yesterday at around 15% utilization compared with the 60% for the NGINX servers after we added the servers.

If you are interested in more trend data like this, visit RunSignUp.com/Trends for our annual Registration Trends Report – with an updated one coming out at our Winter Symposium in January!

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