RaceJoy Anywhere for Virtual Events

We recently launched the RaceJoy’s race anywhere feature for virtual events offering location independent events. With such a high interest from race directors and timers across the country, we held a Webinar this week to go over the capabilities and how virtual events can get the most of them.

As the industry has shifted to virtual events we are seeing variations and changes to what we previously defined as a virtual event. Race organizers are creatively responding to the current climate and offering a blend of purely virtual – race anywhere options to a hybrid virtual event that has defined course routes with expanded race dates. Races use RaceJoy to engage real-time with participants while providing a custom official race experience.

Key features for participants include:

  • GPS phone tracking
  • Remote spectator cheer sending
  • Audio progress alerts at every mile
  • Auto result submission
  • Off-course alerts on defined routes

The participant is able to have the support of others in a safe way with RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking and audio cheers from friends and family. The continual progress updates provide pace and estimated finish time at every mile, which helps the participant to better plan their performance and feel a sense of accomplishment as they make progress.

Those participants that are completing a defined course route, also receive audio off-course alerts, if they go off course, and access to an interactive course map showing their exact location on the map.

The race organizer can increase the experience with custom options, such as:

  • Custom branding and event information
  • Custom content with FAQ, Schedule, map markers, etc.
  • Audio Experience with loaded audio files on the course.

Geo-based or Distance-based Audio Placements:

Races can engage with participants by creating an audio experience by placing custom audio recordings or messages to play as the participant completes the course. The race anywhere event can schedule audio messages to play as the participant completes milestones such as the start, mile 3, and finish. The defined courses can also add directional cues, points of interests along the course, The Webinar above provides some examples of what races are using today.

Race Management Tools

In addition, RaceJoy offers race organizers and timers key race management tools such as a live race monitoring dashboard and multiple communications features. With the rapidly changing landscape and regulations in each region, having a dynamic and effective communications system is essential.

The race monitoring dashboard gives race organizers a global view of participants actively completing their event along with key performance reporting data with a real-time progress board and individual performance stats. RaceJoy includes the ability to review the actual route participants completed with its Route Replay feature, and reports those who are off course for those events with defined routes.

Communication tools in RaceJoy include an official race news alert system and direct audio messaging using text-to-speech technology. Organizers are able to issue out global messages for important race news and reinforce these messages with custom banner ads. In addition, custom audio messages can be sent to individual participants or groups of individuals or all that are on the course. For example, if there are people congregating at the finish line, the race organizers can issue an audio message directly to their phones requesting they vacate the area to support social distancing guidelines.

RaceJoy Requires:

  • Defined range of race dates or a start and end date for when people can complete the set distance or route.
  • A RaceJoy Certified Timer: Races go through timers that are trained and certified in RaceJoy.

RaceJoy Available Through Certified Timers

RaceJoy is available through RaceJoy Certified Timers who have completed hands-on RaceJoy training. Events using RunSignup for registration receive a discounted price for RaceJoy. If you are interested in RaceJoy, please contact your traditional timer to see if they are certified or search for a timer below.

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