RaceJoy: Custom Audio Race Experience Announcement

We are pleased to announce RaceJoy’s dynamic audio race experience is now available real-time for virtual and on-site race events.  Previously, custom recorded audio files were required to be loaded at least 10 days in advance of the race date. Now, custom recordings can be added at any time – even as the event is taking place.

RaceJoy’s audio race experience, referred to as Geo Cheers, empowers race organizers with tools to actively and remotely engage with participants as they complete either an on-site course or a race anywhere distance. RaceJoy now supports the ability for event organizers to add custom audio files at any time, increasing the flexibility to dynamically adjust files as needed. With RaceJoy, event organizers are able to offer participants those unique attributes that are at the very core of a race experience while supporting a socially safe framework.

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RaceJoy’s audio experience includes “Geo-based Cheers” and “Distanced-based Cheers” and can include supportive messages to participants, directional cues and communicating points of interests for on-site courses, and limited sponsor promotion. Event organizers have the option of creating custom audio recordings or using the existing tools available with RaceJoy.  Audio files are loaded and scheduled to play automatically for participants based on either a location point on a defined course or a selected distance point for race anywhere events.  Custom audio recordings can now be pre-loaded or added as the event is taking place.

Event organizers are able to further engage with participants real-time by sending custom text-to-speech audio messages to specific individual participants, a group of participants, or all participants from the convenience of their RaceJoy dashboard. In addition, organizers can take advantage of the communication news alert system to issue out important official news at any time.

With more than a million downloads, RunSignup’s RaceJoy is the industry’s leading interactive race day mobile app offering live GPS participant tracking, spectator remote cheer sending, continual performance updates, and auto submission of results.

RaceJoy is available exclusively through RaceJoy Certified Timers. Those events that use RunSignup as their primary registration provider are provided with discounted pricing.

Event organizers can try a demonstration of RaceJoy by completing RunSignup’s RaceJoy Rocks 5K demo event. Click here for additional information about RaceJoy.

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