Registration or Ticket?

One of the frequent questions we get is what is the difference between a registration platform and a ticket platform. This blog explains the difference and helps you to decide which one to use. For organizations that use both, the benefit is that both are built on the same database and payments platform.

Attendees Buy Tickets

The TicketSignup ticket platform is focused on making the ticket-buying process fast and easy. While there is the ability to collect any custom information about each purchaser and/or ticket holder, tickets are typically recommended for events where the priority is on a smooth and speedy process. For Ticket events, it doesn’t really matter if the person who purchased the ticket is the same one who eventually shows up at the event.

  • Less Information. Ticket sales often need a minimal amount of information (sometimes just name and email), and often need information on only the purchaser, not each ticket holder (although the event can require information for each holder if needed).
  • No Account Needed. Ticket sales typically do not require an account login, with the Ticket Transfer options handled through a custom URL rather than an account
  • Bulk Ticket Purchases Likely. Tickets are designed to be fast and easy for bulk purchase, with a quick click allowing one person to select a number of tickets.
  • Multi-Day and Timed Entry. Many (but not all) ticket events last for days or months, sometimes with multiple time slots each day. The grouping of tickets makes it easy to break down many options into digestible, understandable groups, and our calendar feature makes it simple for your ticket purchasers to identify their options.

Participants Register

Registration systems are built to handle not only the purchase, but also the collection of information needed for every day event participation and multiple interactions with the participant. While there different reasons for events to opt for registration, we have the main use-cases for registration below.

  • Robust Information Collection. Registration events typically need a significant amount of information about participants, including waiver signing, age, and gender.
  • Information Collection on ALL Participants. While registrants may still sign up multiple people in a single transaction, the required information is needed for everyone joining, not just the ticket purchaser.
  • Extensive Interaction: Participants are likely to come back to your event website multiple times to look at results and photos, transfer their event, or update their giveaways size.
  • Login Required. Participants typically have login accounts to allow them to manage their registrations, results, and fundraising. Along with this, sub-accounts can be created when a parent is registering themselves and their family.
  • Fundraising Capabilities. Our robust peer-to-peer fundraising platform, including individual and team fundraising, fundraising minimums, fundraising trophy cases, and more, is available only via the registration platform.
  • Team Participation. While ticket purchasers can buy groups of tickets and attend together, true team functionality is available via registration.

Because of the complex needs listed above, registration is ideal for events where the information collection will take a little longer and people are more likely to be buying only for themselves and specific people close to them.

Both Tickets AND Registration

While there are differences with each, both tickets and registration provide a free event website, free and integrated email marketing, options for merchandising, and an app to ensure smooth check-in on event day.

Pricing is also the same, with no setup or per-month fees (and free events are free). For paid tickets, we charge a low processing fee that you can pass onto attendees (or give them the option to pay it) so your organization uses the platform for free.

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