Our One Year Anniversary with COVID Milestone

Monday, March 8 is a big day. It is our one year anniversary of understanding the impact COVID would have. And we simultaneously achieved a milestone that says we are coming back.

Monday, March 9, 2020

A year ago, we pivoted our business realizing the impact COVID could have. We had started tracking it a couple of weeks earlier on February 27 in our Week 1 report when we reported 60 (yes sixty – when now we mourn the death of over 500,000 people in the US alone from this horrible virus) total cases in the United States. But we explained on Wednesday March 11 our rationale for reacting so swiftly starting on Monday March 9.

By Week 4, we had seen a drop of 80% in transaction volume for events and nonprofits who use our platform.

It is worth reading the blogs from March, 2020 to recount how we responded. Looking back, it is clear we put our all into responding in a way to help our customers. (This is Bob writing this – and the thing I am proudest of is the fact that when we cut salaries by 50% on March 13, there was not one complaint, and everyone who was with us on March 13 is still with us this year. And every single person worked even harder.)

Monday, March 8, 2021 Milestone – We are Back to 2019 Levels

We have been tracking weekly performance (Sunday – Saturday) since the pandemic began. We have published those in our Weekly and Monthly updates so others could track general trends.

This past week (February 28 – March 6), we actually got back to 2019 levels for the first time in a full year.

Transaction Volume – Up 2% to $6.2 Million. 118,000 Registrations, with over 60% for live events. While 1 week does not make a trend, we are moving in a positive direction.

The coming weeks and months will continue to be difficult. However, we are definitely on a positive trend. Hopefully vaccination efforts continue to be positive, and it becomes possible for more live events to happen safely.

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