Multiple Waivers

We have added the option to have up to three waivers for participants to accept using our registration platform. This can be useful if there are sponsors who require waivers for liability purposes, or if you are working with a national organization like US Masters Swimming that requires their own waiver.

This can be set on the Race -> Registration -> Dates, Pricing and Options towards the bottom. Each waiver can have unique requirements for how your event wants to collect waiver information.

The first waiver appears on the first page of registration, just like it always has:

The additional waivers appear on the next page:

In the above example, we set the waiver signature requirement to be that the participants needs to scroll thru the entire waiver and then sign their name exactly right:

All waivers are saved. They are visible on the registration record for each participant (search participants and then click on one to see full information. The summary is on that page with date, time and IP Address:

And clicking on “View Waiver” shows both waivers:

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