Webinar Recap: RaceTrends Review

Our annual RaceTrends Report is here, breaking down the participation numbers and industry trends in 2021 to help you make better predictions and more successful decisions in 2022. We’ll be breaking down the numbers in a series of blogs over the next few weeks, but you can also dive right in now!

Today’s webinar reviewed some of the key findings from the report, including that participation is up from 2020 (21.6%), but still down from 2019 (23%). Additionally, we looked at how many events from 2019 have not yet returned, when runners are most likely to register, the general trend of prices, the effectiveness of social media for marketing, how races can raise more for their cause, and what RaceDay tools saw an uptick in adoption in 2021.

We are also running a series of blogs reviewing key data from the report. Catch up on them as they come out or find them below:

>> How Much Was Race Participation Affected by COVID-19?

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