NEW: RaceJoy Participant Split Export & Route Replay

In response to participant requests, RaceJoy now offers the ability for finishers to export their finish data and view the route they completed. Previously, the data and route replay capabilities were only available for timers and race organizers on the backend of RaceJoy.

Participants request their personalized performance information within the app and it is immediately emailed to their personal email address. The participant’s split pace, average pace, and overall finish time is provided. In addition, KML and GPX files are provided for finishers to view the path they completed in a map view and provides overall elevation gained. This feature is accessed in the new participant detailed page, one of the many new screens being deployed in RaceJoy.

RaceJoy is available exclusively through RaceJoy Certified Timers. If you are a timer and wish to be certified in RaceJoy, please contact us.

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