U.S. Masters Swimming Membership Support

RunSignup continues to strengthen integrations to sports organizations with our new rollout of real-time membership validation for U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS). USMS has nearly 60,000 members that train together and compete in sanctioned events. With our new integration it is even easier for USMS members to register for events and receive member discounts as set by race directors. Note that USMS Our one-event membership fee is $20 starting January 1, 2023.

Race directors should work with USMS directly to apply for a sanctionHere are benefits of sanctioning open water races with USMS.

Race Director Setup

Setup for race directors is simple and follows similar integrations that we have with USA Triathlon, USA Track and Field, USA Cycling, and US Ski and Snowboard Association. In the dashboard, search for memberships. Under Pricing -> Memberships click button to Add Membership Setting. Simply check the U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) membership setting and the discount of $20.00 will be entered and not editable).

Adding the USMS Waiver

In addition to your own race waiver, you are required to have athletes agree to the USMS waiver. To add the USMS waiver to your race, take advantage of the RunSignup Multiple Waiver feature. Here’s how:

  1. From the race dashboard, select Race ->Registration -> Dates, Pricing & Options.
  2. Scroll down to Waivers.
  3. Press Add Waiver button.
  4. Copy the contents of the U.S. Masters Swimming Waiver in its entirety and paste it into the waiver text section.
  5. Press Save.

Race directors are responsible for ensuring that all participants have agreed to the waiver and including it in its entirety.  

Additional Race Director Tips

Athletes want to ensure they are racing in a USMS sanctioned event. You can add the USMS sanction number to the race website.

Remember USMS events have age requirements. Clearly state age requirements on your race website.  If an athlete registered in error, RunSignup has plenty of options for issuing a Registration Refund.

Athlete Registration Experience

Athletes registering for a U.S. Masters Swimming event on RunSignup will complete registration as usual. 


Athletes will agree to the standard race waiver as well as the USMS waiver you set up when the race was created.  To verify their USMS membership, they will be presented with a screen which will allow them to enter their permanent USMS ID number or select that they are not a member. If they are not a member they will have a quick reference to a link to become a member of U.S. Masters Swimming.  

Membership is not required to register for a USMS race. Members who enter their ID number will be checked against the USMS database in real time to validate their membership ID number. If the member number is valid the discount will be applied to their final checkout invoice. USMS memberships are tied to the calendar year. Therefore memberships for races in the next year may require athletes to update their member dues with USMS.

The final payment screen will show the athlete’s USMS membership discount.

If you have any questions about setting things up for your participants, please contact your account manager or support at info@runsignup.com.

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