Price Increase May 1, 2022

We will be rolling out new pricing to process transactions on our platform on May 1st for all new and renewed races, ticket events, and clubs. The price change increases the cost to process a transaction from $1.00 per transaction + 5.8% of the transaction value to $1.00 per transaction + 6% of the transaction value. The Donation processing rate of 4% will remain the same. Our new pricing remains lower than other registration platforms and our customers continue to get superior functionality.

New pricing Chart:

Transaction AmountFee per Transaction (not per ticket)
Less than $2506% + $1.00
Less than $1,0005% + $1.00
Over $1,0004% + $1.00
Any Donation4% Flat

This increase allows us to continue to offer free services such as free email, free websites, free results and texting, etc. to all of our customers.  We provide these services to help our customers maximize their event revenue, since we both benefit from increased revenue..

The reason for the price increase is to offset increased costs within our business including:

  • Free Email and TXT services which cost us about $200,000 per year and are increasing rapidly with the release of our next generation email offering.
  • Costs for PCI compliance and for various security software packages which continue to escalate and are above $100,000 annually.
  • Costs for Sales Tax calculation, collection and payment to states which continue to increase and are  above $100,000 annually.
  • The cost of Free Website hosting, including SSL certificates, as well as free Photos which continue to escalate.
  • The cost to compensate our employees to ensure we retain and attract high quality talent.

There are several guidelines that we will continue, and are central to our Guiding Principles:

  • Single, simple, all-inclusive pricing. We want every event to have the full power of the largest event – no complicated price tiers or paying more for just one feature.
  • No subscription fees or hidden costs. All pricing is based on transactions – so we and our customers win together.
  • Per transaction pricing, not per participant. We always thought it was crazy to discourage multiple people signing up at once – who would put hurdles in front of families joining an event?
  • Lots of free tools (even though they cost us money). Free Email, Free TXT, Free filing of sales tax, Free refunds, Free Facebook Fundraising, Free Websites, Free SSL for your domains, etc.

The change takes place on May 1, 2022. Events created or renewed before then will retain the current pricing for the duration of the event.

Here is how our processing fees compare to other vendors. 

We continue to have superior functionality at a lower price!

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