Race Roster Calling…

It seems Race Roster is having a big calling campaign into races who use RunSignup. We’ve been getting emails and feedback similar to this the past several weeks:

“Just got a call from Race Roster trying to pull me over from RSU – not happening – they don’t give up – lol.”

RunSignup Customer

There seems to be a sense of urgency in their calls from what we have heard from customers. This may be because of the difficult times the endurance community is having in coming back from the pandemic (and this impacts vendors even more as we cover in our Market Analysis). This is counter to our long term steady approach of just plowing forward, releasing 2,000 new releases of our software per year and making sure that all of our customers have access to the most powerful technology and give them control.

Anyway, here are some fun questions to ask them when they call…

Does Race Roster offer the ability to leave for any reason at any time? RunSignup has a “non exclusive” contract. If you are unhappy with us for any reason and at any time, you can leave without penalty. Race Roster has a contract that prohibits that. And as many race directors over the years have found out, many software vendors have pesky contracts that auto-renew, and have locked them in when they really do not want to be locked in. Technology changes fast these days, and your contracts should reflect that. Don’t let a vendor lock you in – and this is a negotiable term.

Do you have an iOs and android check in app? How many people does it check in per year? How often is it updated? We are on Version 3.2.21, and our app will be used to checkin over 2 Million participants this year. This is just an example of how we listen to our customers and continually improve our software.

Can I change my website and pages at any time? We offer very powerful and flexible website capability with unlimited pages, content and integrated data. Your event website is the place your participants go for information, and you need to make it the one stop shop for them.

Can your site be my website? With RunSignup, we will host your domain or subdomain for free – and it is easy. That means you can have MyRace.com or info.myrace.com or signup.myrace.com in minutes.

Do you have a complete integration with USATriathlon? RunSignup has a very full featured integration with USATriathlon that makes it easy for race directors to collect and support USAT waiver and membership sales requirements. We fully support their new API, again showing how we keep up with the latest technology.

Can I customize referral incentives? RunSignup has powerful a powerful Referral Rewards system that makes it simple to customize incentives for participants to encourage their friends and family to signup.

How does your timer feel about switching away from RunSignup? We spend a lot of time and effort to make race day special for races and their participants. While the technology like Results, TXT Notifications, Bib Assignment, Checkin, Corrals, Photos and GPS tracking is all great technology we provide, the timers bring it to life. Some of this technology like GPS tracking and cheers by RaceJoy is simply not available for non-RunSignup events. if you need a timer, check out our list of timing partners here.

Also, we did this writeup after the RunningUSA conference:

Asics Sponsorship vs RunSignup Revenue Share

Race Roster is now owned by Asics, and is obviously trying to figure out ways to run a viable business, as well as help sell shoes. Alex did a presentation on their sponsorship model, and we wanted to do a little comparison.

RunSignup uses a revenue share model that allows a race to charge whatever they want in terms of processing fee, and to keep the excess above the amount charged by RunSignup. We also give discounts based on volume. So we took the above example of a race that does $1 Million in transactions and did the following math. In this scenario, the race earns $45,400 of revenue share (cash) from RunSignup (all of our fees and revenue share that is based on volume is public information – it does not vary from customer to customer).

And if you prefer merchandise to cash, we have many, many local running store partners who would be happy to take the $45K and deliver more than that in merchandise value. That’s a lot of socks!

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