View Individual Fundraiser Progress in RaceDay CheckIn 3.2.23

We are happy to announce another update to RaceDay CheckIn! This update has added a brand-new feature that will assist any event organizers looking to be able to easily check on a Participant’s Fundraising Details on site, in addition to a few other features and updates.

Updates to Presets

Added Fundraiser Details to Presets.

You can now include this in the “Information Display” section of a Preset. This new setting will allow you to view information about the visible Participant’s Individual Fundraiser. Specifically, you will be able to view their progress towards the Fundraising Minimum and their Fundraising Goal. We will show a percentage complete and how many dollars short of these items if they are not yet met.

You may want to enable this setting if you would like to verify at CheckIn that Participants have met their Fundraising Minimum, and if not, charge them the difference on the spot.

Example of Participant who has not yet met their minimum required or fundraising goal.
Example of Participant who has met their fundraising minimum, but not their goal yet.

Added Registration ID and Volunteer Assignment ID to Presets

This is a new “Information Display” item in Presets that will allow you to show the RSU Registration ID or Volunteer Assignment ID when viewing a Participant/Volunteer. In addition, the ID will link to the RunSignup Dashboard to view more details on this record, giving you the ability to verify or update information that is not available in the app.

Settings has moved into the top toolbar.

Added Group Bib Number to Presets

This is a new item in the “Information Display” area of Presets that will allow you to update Group/Team Bib number when editing other information for a user in the “Update Registrant Info” dialog.

General Updates

Moved Settings out of the menu and into the title bar of the Participant/Volunteer list to make it more easily accessible.

Added prompt to set Device Name if it has not yet been set for this device.

A variety of styling/navigation updates and improvements.

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.23 is available in App Stores now!

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