Two Days of Education…and Philadelphia’s Most Spectacular View

Our 2022 Summer Symposium is returning to Philadelphia in just six weeks, after a two year hiatus and just 40 spots remain available.

2022 Summer Symposium Agenda

The 2022 Agenda is hyper-focused on rebuilding event and timing organizations by understanding and solving of the challenges of reaching and retaining participants in a volatile endurance market. As-always, the Symposium allows you to choose-your-own-adventure from a diverse schedule of sessions for timers, race directors, and nonprofits − with an emphasis on discussion and the collaborative brainstorming. A few of our favorites include:

  • Kickoff: The State of the IndustryIt’s been a roller coaster ride in the endurance industry over the last two years. We take a look at what the numbers tell us about the current state of the industry and what we see coming in over the upcoming months.
  • Email Marketing: Best Practices and Email StrategyYou know how to build and send an email. But should you? How often? What content should you include? When should you send from your race vs. your organization? This session takes your knowledge about email marketing to the next level, covering stats, trends, and best practices to help you build a better email marketing strategy.
  • RaceDay: The Participant ExperienceRaceDay is the culmination of all your work – and the best way to ensure participants come back, year after year. See the RaceDay flow in action and learn how you can streamline and optimize your event for a better experience.
  • Key Timer Challenges and SolutionsWe’ve surveyed you and your peers, and now it’s time to talk. This session encourages interactive problem solving and a fresh approach to the biggest timer challenges of 2022.
  • Gamifying Peer-to-Peer Fundraising EventsHow can you make fundraising fun and raise more? This session reviews the basics of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising on our registration platform, and then delves into how you can add interactive elements to motivate and reward your fundraisers.


We aren’t all business, though! Part of the Symposium (a big part) is providing the opportunity for timers, race directors, and other industry professionals to connect and network − and there’s no better way to encourage that then to let you loose with food, beverages, and no speaker droning on. This year, we’ll be taking in the views from the 50th floor of a skyscraper in the middle of the city, as the sun sets. We have to agree with the Vue on 50 tagline: it’s the most spectacular view around.

What’s Different About the RunSignup Symposium?

The endurance industry provides several opportunities for in-person conferences. And as a company, we emphasize training, technology, and communications throughout the year with blogs, how-to’s, video tutorials, customer case studies, and webinars. What makes the RunSignup Symposium different?

How the RunSignup Symposium differs from other endurance industry conferences: The endurance industry includes everything from a 100-person trail race to a 40,000-person half marathon and we find there is a lot to learn from all types of events and organizations. While a quarter of our attendees serve fewer than 5,000 participants a year, another quarter serves more than 50,000 participants a year. To make this possible, we heavily subsidize the cost of the the Symposium to keep registration costs low to ensure the event is inclusive of all types and sizes of events.

How the RunSignup Symposium differs from a video tutorial or blog: Learn by doing rather than by seeing? We get it. Between the demo room (including an “Ask Me Anything” table), interactive sessions, and the Suite Run, you have endless opportunities to see technology in action and test out new features.

How the RunSignup Symposium differs from a webinar: If you attended some of the many virtual sessions and webinars over the last two years, you know how easy it is to get distracted by email (or laundry) or let a session blend into the background. We will never abandon the convenience and reach of virtual education, but nothing compares to the focus of being in a room with a singular goal.

How your presence impacts the RunSignup Symposium: We’re experts in technology. You are experts in events. Bringing everyone together allows us to prompt conversation and allow you to work together to identify challenges and solutions.

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