Print More Fields and Automate Your CheckIn Flow with RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.28!

Printing Updates

Added Configuration setting to automatically print after Review.

This will automatically send the print job after selecting “Save and Continue” on the CheckIn confirmation page.

Added Print Button to Participant Info Screen.

Now you can print labels from the Participant Info screen as well as from the CheckIn Confirmation screen. This allows you to more easily print out labels for Participants who have already checked in, for example.

Added More Printable Fields.

Add-ons Chip Group Bib Gender/Age Combo Email Address Registration Date Waiver Signed Fundraiser Team Fundraiser Group Corporate Team

Added a Gender/Age Combo Field.

You can now select this field to print a short version of Gender and Age in one field. For example, “F/43”.

Added label size model numbers for easy reference on what type to purchase.

Presets/Configurations Updates

Added Lookup Results Configuration Setting.

This allows you to change what screen you land on when you look up a participant and select their name, or if you scan a barcode/QR code identifying them.

The default is the existing functionality “View Participant” where you can decide what you want to do from there, like view their info, change their Event, check them in, etc…

The new option is “Update Registrant Info” which will bring you directly to the screen where you can change information about a Participant. This could be useful if you wanted to set up a configuration that could be used specifically for a volunteer whose only job is to look participants up and change their Corral selection, for instance. What data is available to change is determined by the Preset being used for this Configuration for the Event that the Participant is in. You could use this functionality as a quick way to update any piece of information that is available to edit currently.

Removed Delete Function from Preset and Configuration Rows.

Now you must select a Preset or Configuration, then scroll to the bottom to delete it. Prior to this update, we found it was too easy to accidentally delete something you didn’t mean to.

Added Ability to View Default Preset.

We now hide the “Select Configuration” button if there are no existing Configurations for this Race.

Auto-Pull Preset Edits from Cloud.

Now if a Preset is edited in the cloud, a device using that Preset should get those changes automatically after they enter the settings area on their device.

Fundraiser Updates

Show Fundraiser Details and Amount Raised Regardless of Goal Being Met.

Show Fundraiser Team in Fundraising Details when included in a Preset.

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