We’ve added Multi-Race Bundle Support, Preset/Configuration Setup Flow Improvements, and more with RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.29!

Feature Updates

Added Multi-Race Bundle Name (if applicable) to Event Name

If a Participant has registered for their Event via a Multi-Race Bundle, we now show the name of the bundle in parenthesis after the Event name. For example 5k (Series Registration) or something similar.

Added Bib Number Visualization to Top Right Corner of Participant View

It will now be easier to find the bib number assigned to a participant, and see if they do not yet have a bib number assigned with the bib number graphic now present in the top right corner of the Participant View screen.

Improved New Preset Setup Flow.

Now when you add a new Preset, we will give you the option to create a Configuration with the same name as the Preset you are adding, with this Preset applied to all Events within this Race for the new Configuration. This reduces the number of steps needed to make a simple change.

We also have added a warning next to all Presets that are not currently being used in any Configurations. We found that a lot of users did not realize that they needed to apply a Preset to the Configuration they’re using in order for those changes to be seen.

Additionally, we have added a quick link to edit the currently loaded Configuration by tapping the name of the Configuration.

Moved Preset Delete/Save Buttons to header of Preset/Configuration View

Improved Related Registrations CheckIn Navigation

We now better prompt the user about whether or not they’d like to check in the currently selected participant before moving to a related registrant. This makes it very clear what is happening when you navigate through related registrations.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing a slowdown for Races with many fundraisers

Fixed an issue causing search to now work properly if the name contains quotation marks. This is fairly common for team names.

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.29 is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store!

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