MileSplit Export Support Added in RaceDay Scoring v3.3.9

Feature Updates

Added MileSplit Report Section Type and Export Function.

You can now create MileSplit Exports from Reports that have MileSplit Report Sections added to them. So, if you need to generate a MileSplit Export, first you need to create a Report that includes MileSplit Report Sections for each Event you have in your Race, then export that Report using the new MIleSplit Export Option.

It’s important to not change the order of the Report Sections that are generated for each Scored Event when you add them to the Report. They must be grouped together by Scored Event in order to meet MileSplit’s required formatting.

First create a report that has Milesplit sections for each and every Scored Event you are scoring that day.
Ensure that you keep each Scored Events sections together. If you move them around, make sure that the Overall List is above the Team Summary section for each Scored Event.
Once the Report is built, go to Export > MileSplit to generate the file.
Add a course name, and export to CSV. The resulting file is in the format that MileSplit requires.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing log files to grow too large.

Fixed an issue causing Corral Changes to not automatically update existing read selection status.

Fixed an issue causing times in the Lap Details views to be displayed in an incorrect time zone when not in EST.

Fixed an issue causing multiple instances of the same Segment to show up when opening up a Segment Panel for Lap Events.

Added more specific error messages when reports fail to rebuild automatically.

Usually this is due to some part of the setup that this report relied on no longer being present – like a deleted Team Type, for instance.

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