Announcing New RaceDay Mobile Timing App

We are very excited to announce RunSignup’s RaceDay Mobile Timing App for timing of smaller events and backup for chip-timed events. Through the convenient use of Android and Apple phones and tablets, event timers are able to use the free RaceDay Mobile Timing app to log finish times and the order of finishers through the app. The app works in conjunction with RunSignup’s results platform for real-time results publication. This is ideal for timing smaller endurance events such as Ultra distances, track and field, cross country, running or cycling events and water events. In addition, the RaceDay Mobile App is a valuable backup solution – similar to Time Machine devices – for larger events and for top finisher verification. 

“The RaceDay Mobile Timing App is a natural addition to the RaceDay Suite of products and gives timers a practical solution for providing timing services with lower registration counts and simple scoring scenarios for events that may not have the funds to support full timing services. It is similar to the Time Machine in its uses, but differs in its approach since it is using equipment most timers already have and it is free! Plus, timers can use the app as a backup tool for the elite finishers and as a contingency plan should they encounter issues with their RFID chip timing systems,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

The inception of the RaceDay Mobile Timing App began as a project completed by Rowan University and has since been transformed by RunSignup’s RaceDay team of developers into a product that is now available for timers to use throughout the country. 

Through the app’s Chute and Finish Line recording options, timers are able to record the order of finishers based on bib number and log time stamps of finishers. Timers can integrate with RunSigup’s results to have scored results displayed real-time on an event web page. By making use of RunSignup Results Timers can set up result divisions so that the app can produce complete results with features like age group place for all participants quickly and easily. The RaceDay Mobile Timing App supports off-line situations where finish times can be recorded locally on the app and then uploaded and merged with the live race once Internet connections are re-established. This is especially helpful for remote events like ultra and trail courses. 

In addition, timers are able to use the Backup Timer mode for situations where the app is being used as a backup timing tool – similar to Time Machine’s approach – in conjunction with official timing equipment and scoring software such as RaceDay Scoring. Using this mode records the data within the app on the backend for the timer without publicly publishing the data. In addition to the phone or tablet’s keyboard, the app can be used in conjunction with bluetooth tactile keyboards, such as Sunreed Bluetooth Numpad with LCD display, for more efficient bib entry. 

The App also supports easy export of  the Result data (names and clock/net times) and timing data (raw time of day and bib numbers). The exports can then be used in conjunction with scoring software like RaceDay Scoring as a backup timing solution. With RaceDay Scoring, there is a predefined File Stream Type that is compatible with Mobile Timing App (PC Timer-Mobile Timing File) that you can use to import the times from the Timing Data export file.

The RaceDay Mobile App is now available for immediate use by timers in the endurance industry!

Open Source

For the Technically or community inclined, note we have a public Github repo for this project that is under the Apache open source license so others can take this app further, or make code enhancements and send them back to us for incorporating into the app.

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