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With the release of our new Mobile Timing App, we have extended our complete results system to really simplify and expand the results process for Ultra race directors and the participant experience.

Of course, RunSignup is well known for our full suite of RaceDay technology – Bib ManagementCheckIn AppFree PhotosFree ResultsLive LeaderboardsFree TXT Messaging of Results to participants and SpectatorsQuick QR Codes for Results, and full capability of scoring software with The Race Director and RaceDay Scoring. With the new Mobile Timing App, Ultras can easily take advantage of all of these features. And it is designed to all work offline as many Ultras do not have network connections.


To start at the finish, here is a sample race we used to write this blog and the Results page entirely populated automatically from the Mobile Timing App (Results, Photos and more are live on the web here):

Mobile Timing App Fast Bib Finish Mode

There are multiple ways to use the Mobile Timing App, but for smaller events, it is very simple to show all the bib. numbers and just click on the bib as people cross the finish line:

After you click on a bib is turns from green to gray.

There are a number of other modes. For example, you can have one phone just clicking a button to record finish times, and another phone to record the order of bib finish. When these two get matched up, the results are published automatically.

Also, any time you hit save, the results are published to the web. So you can continually update your results during the day so your faster finishers can see results and get result txt notifications as soon as they finish.

Mistakes? Easy to Edit

There is a simple Edit button. Just click on a bib/finish time and make the edits. The red button allows you to delete rows where you might have clicked the button too fast.

Free TXT Results

Another very simple thing to add is TXT Notifications of Results. By enabling this on the RunSignup Dashboard, you allow participants and anyone to sign up for TXT notifications when results are posted. And most people who run an Ultra have some friends and family that want to know as soon as possible that they made it to the finish line…

The sample event we created has completed so you can not sign up for notifications now, but the Participant Tracking page shows all participants (there are various settings to hide or show or gain access to this page) and a simple button to signup for notifications with the button on the right before the race:

When you click Save on the Mobile Timing App and it uploads the results, the TXT notifications go out immediately (for free!):

Free Photos

You and participants can also post photos to your free race website, and if the photos have bibs in them our software automatically assigns the picture to that participant and the photos are shown on the individual results page. We put some funny old photos of Bob as well as some images on our sample Ultra website that were developed with the DALL-E AI image software we have been playing with.

More Info on Mobile Timing

The mobile timing app is designed to be simple to use and work with the rest of our software to make every small Ultra have all the the features of a huge race. If you want more information, review the webinar and slides or our more detailed documentation.

If your needs are more advanced like lap events, splits, chip system integration, etc. then you can look at our advanced Timing Scoring – RaceDay Scoring.

Let us know if your Ultra tries the new Mobile Timing App out – we’d love to hear your feedback at

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