Event List for Organization Websites

We are excited to announce the release of the Event List for Organization Websites. This first release lets you feature upcoming and past events on your organization website with flexible layouts and rules to determine which events show and which events do not show. The Event List is perfect for timers and organizations with multiple events. There is no need to spend time maintaining your website as the calendar updates in real-time as new events are created, events occur and become past events, and results for past events are updated, ensuring your content is always up to date.

Right now the Event List is only available for Organization Websites. You can create an organization website here: https://runsignup.com/organizationwebsite/new. The Event List allows you to feature All Race Events and/or All Ticket Events. The default events that show are events that use your organization’s funding account. In addition, there are powerful include/exclude rules that allow timers and partners to easily include events associated with their timer account, partner account, as well as individual event include/exclude options. You can also choose to show Results for Past Events.

To add the Event List to your website, navigate to the Website Builder from your Dashboard by going to Website >> Website Builder.

You can add the Event List directly to the home page of your website. Alternatively, create a new page like in the example below to feature on your website’s menu.

Click Add Section on the page and select Single Column. Then click the plus sign in the content section.

Select Event List from the component options.

You can then customize the settings to include and exclude the events that you want to display on your website, as well as the layout style (note: Results only display for past events with the List style). Use a comma to separate multiple IDs to include or exclude.

Timers and partners can start transitioning to an organization website today. With the release of the data-driven Event List, the same features and capabilities that exist in current partner websites are available in organization websites. We will also be adding our next-generation website builder (and next-generation Event List) to partner websites in the coming months.

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