RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.32 is Now Available

Feature Updates

Updated Membership Display to show even if there is no Membership Number.

Some Memberships at RunSignup are set up without the concept of a Membership Number existing. In this case, we will show the membership and whether or not they are a member instead of hiding any membership that does not have a Membership Number value.

In this case, “Survivor” was the Membership Name, and it did not have an additional field to collect any kind of number. Now we will just display “Yes” if the participant has said that they are a member.

Added Coupon Code Information to Payment Details Display field.

You can show details about the coupon used by enabling the Payment Details field in the Participant Display area in Presets.

Added option to hide CheckIn Stats when enabling Lock Mode.

Added Network Connectivity Issue Banner over more screens.

Added checks to prevent navigating away from unsaved changes throughout the app.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing all volunteer custom question responses to display for multi-select type questions.

Fixed an issue causing a broken link when tapping the Volunteer assignment ID.

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