Intermittent Issues with Facebook Fundraiser API

Update 4/19/2023

There has been an escalation in reported issues with Meta’s Facebook Fundraiser API. RunSignup is unable to resolve any issues because the issues are occurring on Meta’s platform.

If your fundraisers are reporting issues we recommend the following:

  1. Communicate to your fundraisers that Meta’s tools for nonprofits are experiencing outages.
  2. Disable the Facebook Fundraiser integration for your event (Delete the Facebook Page ID, then click Save).
  3. Contact your nonprofit’s support person at Meta. Due to Meta’s layoffs and cost-cutting, RunSignup no longer has a dedicated Fundraising engineer team to communicate with, and we expect more functionality to deprecate with Meta’s latest round of layoffs.

Update 4/6/2023

We continue to have nonprofits report issues with Meta’s Facebook Fundraiser API. While this continues to be a useful tool for nonprofits to fundraise across platforms, there are several things that nonprofits need to consider when using the Facebook Fundraiser Integration.

1. Due to Meta’s problems, the donation totals will not always match for all fundraisers. This does NOT affect the actual amount raised for the nonprofit. It is just a syncing issue. This is usually due to Meta not sending us the information on one or two donations for one or two fundraisers. Things like refunds issued for donations made on Meta also cause issues.

2. RunSignup canNOT diagnose the sync problems due to lack of support from Meta.

3. We suggest to just add a manual donation if you want the numbers to be in sync.

Over the last couple weeks we’ve had a few nonprofits report issues with their Facebook Fundraiser integration. Meta has undergone some changes over the past month and our previous contacts are no longer with the company. We are still waiting on Meta to release a fix to the Fundraiser API and provide our team access to Meta’s test environment in order to resolve our customers’ reported issues. In the meantime we may release a fix that we believe will resolve customers’ issues without having access to Meta’s test environment, although our development team is more cautious around testing than Mark Zuckerberg’s motto of “move fast and break things”.

Fortunately the Fundraiser API issues are limited to just a few of the more than 1,200 nonprofits that use the free RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser integration. We will continue to support the integration and resolve customers’ issues that are within our control.

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