Mobile Timing App v2 is Now Available!

Added the ability to mark upcoming finishers with a specified color.

This is useful for many different purposes. For example, you may want to flag the first 3 female finishers. Or, perhaps a wheelchair finisher, or flag participants that you are unsure about whether you read their bib number correctly.

The flag color is displayed in the results view of the app and is included in the results export, but not in the timing data. It’s also not uploaded to RunSignup results in any way. It is meant to be used solely as a reference on site.

When you select a flag color, only the next finisher you record will be marked with that color.

You can swipe from the left to update the flag or clear it.

Tapping “Enter” on a Bluetooth numpad will now record a “0” bib number.

This makes it easier to use a separate numpad for recording times when you aren’t capturing the bib number. Prior to this change, you could have to type “0” and enter, now it’s a single tap and the system will record “0” for you when marking a finisher that you don’t know the bib number of.

Bib numbers for Super Events will now show up when scoring a Sub Event in Backup Timer Mode.

Now when you load a RunSignup Race that is using Super/Sub Events, we will display the bib numbers for all participants that are in the event you’re scoring, as well as any participants that are a Super Event of this Event. For example, if the Race had set up a bundle that includes a registration for the 5k and the 10k and you are scoring the 5k, we will display the bib number for the 5k runners as well as the bundle runners.

Gif showing the UI of updated timing app.

Note: The system currently does not support publishing results to RunSignup for events using Super/Sub Events. Currently if you publish results for a Super Event Participant using the app, they will show as unknown at RunSignup. This feature is only intended for Backup Timer mode at this time.

Major update of underlying technology packages and dependencies.

RaceDay Mobile Timing v2 is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today!

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