Email V2 for Volunteer Communications

Email V2 streamlines your volunteer communications with a system recipient list for Volunteers and volunteer replacement tags to include custom data for:

  • Volunteer Task Name
  • Volunteer Time Slot
  • Task Location
  • Task Information
  • Volunteer Signup Link and URL

These replacement tags make it easy and simple to communicate with your Volunteers, as well as include Volunteer calls to action in your emails.

To send an email to Volunteers, navigate to Email V2 >> Send Email. Select Volunteers from the recipient list. You can also use Task recipient lists to communicate with a specific set of volunteers.

Now you can create your email. The Volunteer replacement tags will automatically show when you select a system Volunteer recipient list.

We continue to add more functionality to Email V2 so that you can streamline all of your event’s communications with our next-generation Email Marketing platform – for free!

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