Ryan Walsh Switches to RaceDay Scoring

Ryan Walsh Switches to RaceDay Scoring

Ryan Walsh is the founder of Bryn Mawr Racing, and he has been in the race timing business for thirteen years now. What started as a small initiative of producing their own events has now turned into a company that is going to help with close to 250 races this year and employs 10 head timers, 20 secondary timers, 5 photographers, and a “drone guy”.

We got with Ryan to get some insights on his use of RunSignup’s platform in the recorded video below. Ryan’s journey began in 2010, and back then, they were using pull tag hardware and posting results on their store website. They eventually started their own website but had trouble with credit card processing. That’s when RunSignup’s Brian Jenkins reached out to him and suggested giving us a try.

Run used RunSignup’s registration for the first time in 2014 by registering a close friend’s race on the platform. Since then, they have grown their timing business organically, and their marketing is solely based on referrals.

Ryan’s company used RunScore for years and was initially hesitant to move over to RaceDay Scoring. However, they found there were some limitations with RunScore like with scoring triathlons and it was a more complex solution for newer timers to learn. His team then tried it out RaceDay Scoring and all were behind making the change. Ryan assess that it takes 3 or 4 races for timers to feel comfortable with using new technology. They also now use RunSignup’s free Mobile Timing app as a backup instead of using Time Machine.

The conversation turns to RaceJoy, RunSignup’s mobile app designed for participants to track their progress and be tracked by spectators during races. Ryan admits he thought RaceJoy was just a temporary solution during the pandemic. However, he has been pleasantly surprised to find that races from 5Ks to marathons are seeing value in adding it as an add-on service.

If you are ready to make the transition to RaceDay Scoring, feel free to schedule some time to talk about next steps.

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