RaceDay Scoring v3.3.37 is Now Available!

Bugs Fixed

Further adjusted green Race toolbar to better accommodate long Race/Timer/User names.

Fixed an issue causing top finisher category priority to not be respected causing incorrect placements.

Corrected an issue causing Timer account selection to be lost after closing the app if you have multiple Timer accounts.

Corrected an issue causing Participants in non-relay Scored Events that have a Team assignment from being scored properly.

Fixed a bug causing Lap scoring settings tooltips to not show.

Added better validation when adding field delimiters and file extensions in the Stream settings.

Before this, a user could enter invalid characters into this field, like spaces, which would cause the stream to not process reads correctly or at all.

Fixed a bug causing the Boston Qualifier Summary counts to include participants who have dropped or were disqualified.

Fixed a bug when resolving an unknown raw read causing the bib number to not be included in the unknown raw read resolution form, causing the reads to not get associated with the target participant unless you remembered to enter in the bib manually.

Removed unneeded additional Gender and Team Type name appending when auto-saving a Team report to RunSignup.

This would cause result set names that looked like: “Team Summary-5-Person Relay School-5-Person Relay School” when they should be “Team Summary-5-Person Relay School”

Prevented an issue causing an error when publishing results to RunSignup with too long of a Result Set name.

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