RaceDay Scoring v3.3.38 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added support for importing State Names in the Participant import.

Prior to this change, we would only import 2 digit State codes, or the full State and Country name. Now you can just use State name without having to include Country name as well.

Improved Connector to better handle situations where connection to a device through a direct TCP/IP port has been lost.

Added the ability to use the “Is Null” and “Is Not Null” Operations when filtering by a custom question response.

This will make it easier to do things like selecting all participants who did not respond to a question at all.

Bugs Fixed

Corrected an issue with the Prediction Run settings that would not allow you to select a Time question type in the Scored Event setup.

Fixed an issue causing a report error when viewing a report that had a Segment Place column that was a part of a Race that was renewed.

Fixed a potential crash when viewing Scored Reads.

Fixed an issue with the Race Day Hub Announcer Kiosk read processing causing it to not handle lowercase chip codes.

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