RaceDay Scoring v3.3.41 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Made non-HTML custom headers centered in print and print preview exports.

Prior to this change, Reports that were using a Custom Section Header would be left justified in print and print preview exports, but center justified when viewing the report in the app. This change will make it so that custom headers in the print and print preview exports will be center justified to be more consistent with the way it looks in the app.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with publishing Relay Team Results to RunSignup which would cause duplicate records to show for Teams.

Corrected ControlServer errors for IPICO/Trident Direct that could occur when a TCP/IP connection does not disconnect gracefully.

Fixed a bug when switching a Participant’s Team association from their Participant edit form which would cause their Aggregate Team Results scoring to not update appropriately.

Fixed an issue causing Scored Reads to not be automatically recalculated for a Participant when Raw Reads are deleted for them.

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