Offer Spectator Tickets for Track Meet, Cross Country, and Tournament Events

Events can now offer spectator tickets with RunSignup’s TicketSignup technology. Timers and event organizers are able to use TicketSignup to sell tickets to spectators for track meets, cross country, and other sporting events like lacrosse tournaments and baseball games. TicketSignup leverages RunSignup’s existing technology in the endurance event industry and offers an  easy-to-use yet comprehensive ticket platform to enable event organizers to start selling tickets within minutes. Already, meets and tournaments across the country are making full use of RunSignup’s TicketSignup’s free ticket event platform, including its point of sale and check-in app, free web builder and email marketing and communications solution. 

Since 2010 we’ve built technology to support the evolving needs of the endurance event industry. The spectator ticket space at meets and tournaments is a natural progression for us as it focuses on the spectators supporting the participants. Timers and event organizers who are already working with us on the endurance registration and scoring side of things are now able to encourage spectator attendance while expanding their revenue. We are excited to be able to offer an easy and free ticket solution for this broader space.

By leveraging TicketSignup technology, event organizers can effortlessly manage spectator ticket sales, promote their events effectively, and ensure a seamless attendee experience from start to finish. RunSignup’s TicketSignup technology offers an array of free features, including an event web builder, email marketing and communication tools, Ticket mobile App, point of sale solution, and much more.  Existing RunSignup customers can easily link their RunSignup payment account to accept payments for ticket events. Moreover, partners and timers can  boost (or qualify for) partner revenue share with added spectator ticket events.

Event organizers can use TicketSignup for a wide variety of needs beyond spectator tickets, including VIP events, parking, pre-race or post-race party tickets, and more.  Ask your RunSignup account manager for more information on how you can start offering tickets today!

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